Chrysocolla - Cabochon

Price per: Gram
Shape: Marquise
Sale price$7.50 CAD


Location Mined: Morocco
Location Cut: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Cut by Rubble Rock and Gem

Description: Chrysocolla is wonderful for those who want to tap into their highest truths, Chrysocolla has a gentle flow, inviting you to tune into your own sense of wonder and knowledge. Chrysocolla has a high copper content, but still remains a beautiful blue and green colour. Its as vibrant as you could imagine.  It can often be found intermingled with malachite, turquoise and azurite, creating a wonderful mixed gemstone known as Eilat. However unlike malachite, azurite and lapis--it doesn't bring buried emotions to the surface. Its main role is to soothe, calm and inspire. Unfortunately Chrysocolla is not very stable for cutting. Rather than being agatized, it is more opalized and brittle, so it has lots of cracks. It is fantastic for cutting small cabochons like these that come in a variety of traditional shapes.

Due to the fact that we have over 50 000 loose gemstones in store that all differ, we have chosen not to post every individual stone. What you see here is a sample from the larger batch. Please shop in store, or schedule a phone/ video appointment with us.

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