Fish Ear Bone - Fossil

Size: Small
Quality: Standard
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Mined from: Unknown

Era: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away!!! (but most likely Late Jurassic, about 150 million years)
Geological Age: unknown

Description: These fossil fish ear bones or better known as (otoliths) they are heavily mineralized particles of the inner ear of fish. This particular bone structure help the fish understand its orientation in space which enable fish to sense gravity. They help with overall acceleration and deceleration, which is essential for proper balance and movement control in aquatic settings. Fish inner ear bones develop when fish are still a larvae, and serve as a record of the fish's entire life. Much like trees, fish inner ear bones grow rings allowing age to be determined in a similar manner.

Approximate Size of 1 piece
: 2.5cm x 2cm x 1cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 5g

Approximate Size of 1 piece
: 3.5cm x 2.5cm x 2cm
Approximate Weight of 1 piece: 16.5g

Quantity: 1pc

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