Crystal - Stickers

Quantity: 1 Sticker
Standard/Staff Pick: Standard
Sale price$1.00 CAD


Description: This listing is for an assortment of stickers. Whether it be for one sticker or more, we will pull at random from our large batch. The photos serve as samples of the possibilities of what you might get. There are even more varieties that haven't been photographed, but all the stickers will pertain to crystals and minerals.

We have other listings for "Witchy Vibe Stickers" and "Fossil Stickers".

Made In: China

Approximate Size: 6cm x 5cm

Approximate Weight of 1 Sticker: 0.5g

Quantity: 1pc or 6pc

There is a wide variety of variation in the art style and content of these stickers. While we cannot accommodate requests for particular designs, if you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the largest stickers with the most interesting designs from those in stock. If you pick the "standard" option, your stickers will be chosen at random from the larger batch.

Please note the stickers grouped in the photos do not represent the same groups they are sold in. You will get entirely random stickers.

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