Deluxe Smudge Kit

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Origin: USA

Metaphysical Deluxe Smudge Kit includes all of the following: 

Sage Bundle the smoke from the bundle attaches itself to the negative energy of the area and cleanses it so that it becomes positive energy. 

Cedar Bundle is said to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energies. 

Sweetgrass Braid is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies. 

Copal (resin) is used for purification, consecration and making contact with other planes. It is added to love and can represent the heart. It will not burn on its own, so needs to be placed on the charcoal after it is lit. 

Myrrh (the darker resin) has an earthy scent and helps with meditation practices. Like Copal, it will need to be placed on top of the charcoal.

Palo Santo Wood also known as (holy stick) is a natural wood aromatic used as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleaning by the indigenous people of the Andes and will help remove misfortune and evil spirits. 

Charcoal Tablets are great for burning loose incense as well as the resins (Copal and Myrrh). These can be broken into pieces. 

Abalone Shell Traditional vessel to burn sage and other botanicals for cleansing. 

Fan to keep the herbs smoldering while you smudge.

Size: 22.5cm x 29cm x 5cm
Weight: 440g

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