Dental Ball Burr - 5pcs - Grinding

Size: 1mm
Grit: 150g
Sale price$4.00 USD


Description: These diamond plated dental burrs are significantly smaller than your average stone grinding burr. They are meant for micromotors and turbines, however they can fit in a Jacobs chuck. They are very coarse, and small. 
They are best suited for removing significant amounts of material in fine, delicate areas, as they will create chipping due to their coarseness, but make great strides in removing material.

Made In: China

Head Size: 1mm Ball Shape
Shaft Diameter: 1.6mm
Overall Length of 1 burr: 19.5mm
Weight of 1 burr: 0.25g

Material: Steel plated with diamond

Quantity: 50 Pieces

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