Diamond Polishing Paste - Set of 8 Syringes

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Description: This is the economy grade diamond polishing lapidary paste. The paste will last you many carvings. for example, if you're doing carvings the size of golf balls, you'll be able to polish dozens of them. Why this is economy grade is because it has less diamonds added to the paste than the higher grade polishing pastes. However, it will still do the trick when you charge it onto a carrier such as hard pressed felt.

Made InChina

Grit:  W0.5, W1, W1.5, W2.5, W3.5, W5.0, W7.0, W10.0
0.5 Micron - Final Polish (Grey) - 50 000 grit
1.0 Micron - Mirror finish (Golden Yellow) - 22 000 grit
1.5 Micron - Mirror finish (Caucasian) - 14 000 grit
2.5 Micron - Mirror finish (Magenta) - 8000 grit
3.5 Micron - Fine Polish (Red) - 6000 grit
5.0 Micron - Fine Polish (Light Blue) - 4500 grit
7.0 Micron - Pre Polish (Dark Blue)- 2000 grit
10 Micron - Lapping (Green) - 1250 grit

Pieces:  Set Includes 8 syringes, each with 5 grams of Diamond Lapping Paste

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