Dreadlock Swirl - Bead

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Description: These Dreadlock Beads all consist of the same swirl design. They are made from sterling silver. they are available in one size only. They can be used for other purposes than just dreadlocks... as they are essentially beads with a large hole diameter.

How Its Made: I hand carve these designs into a wax model using wood carving knives. Just as if I was sitting at a camp fire, whittling. When I've completed the design, I bring it back to my studio and use some modern machinery to refine it. It is then placed in a plaster cast, and - in a simplified way- I inject molten silver into the plaster cast mold. The silver takes the form of the bead I had hand carved. This lone bead becomes my metal master copy that I then take further down the line into a mass production process.

Designed in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Designer: Adam Kelliher
Country of Manufacture: India
Year of Release: 2019

Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Weight: 6g
Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm x 13mm
Diameter of Centre Hole: 5mm

Quantity: 1 piece

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