Triceratops Bone - Fossil

Quality: Standard
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Mined from: Hell Creek Formation , South Dakota, USA

Era: Cretaceous
Geological Age: 65.5 mya 

Description: These are true fragments of Triceratops fossil bones. Triceratops were huge animals that could grow up to 30ft (9 meters) and weighed over 11,000lbs (7,150kg), similar to the size of an African elephant. Triceratops had two massive horns above its eyes and one smaller horn on its snout. The horns were used in fights against the Triceratops main predator, the Tyrannosaurus.

Approximate size for 1 pc: 50mm x 20mm x 8mm
Approximate weight for 1 pc: 11g

Quantity: 1 fossil bone

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