Gem Silica - Rough

Price per: Gram
Sale price$2.00 CAD


Origin: Lily Mine, Peru

Description: This gem silica material does have fractures, so if you're wanting a cabochon without- it will yield smaller cabochons in the 5 to 15mm range. The color is astounding and this material is a classic favorite among gem cutters.

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Grade: Semi Precious
Appearance: Opaque/ Translucent
Inclusions: Fractures and some matrix

Cost per Gram: $2.00/g
Approximate size of 1 piece: 3.5cm x 2cm x 2cm
Approximate weight of 1 piece: 18g

Rough is rough. We do our best to grade and describe pieces in the lot, but ultimately, they all differ.

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