GEMS and Minerals: Jewelry Making Magazine

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DescriptionGems and Minerals Magazine: Jewelry Making. Check out these vintage magazines from our owner's personal collection. They are "The hobby magazine that shows you how". These magazines feature articles all about gems, minerals and everything relating to various specimens, where they are found, how they form, chemical compounds, and gem history. These editions are geared towards jewelry making. Learn about beading, ways to cut different facets, gem intarsia, and even how to frame belt buckles. Not all the information is up to date but they're a super fun read. I personally love the vintage advertisements. These issues are from a random month.

Made In: USA

Approximate Size of 1 Magazine: 27cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
Approximate weight of 1 Magazine: 145g

Material: Paper

Quantity: 1 Piece

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