Green Mica

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Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Root

Made of: Mica is very metallic (containing very reactive element metals such as Potassium and Lithium, as well as Aluminium and Silica) 

Forming: Mica grows by building up see-through paper-thin layers upon layers, which appear opaque but are in fact transparent. Mica occurs semi-translucent crystals, either flat angular blades, or rosettes or even hexagonal thin columns.

Mica is cool because it folds under a fingernail. If you capture one of those paper thin sheets and pinch it between index finger and thumbnail, it folds. It used to be used for glitter, in ancient times. ..."ain't no partay like a mica glitter partay"?

Health: Mica may be used to help treat insomnia and diminish the sleeping requirements of mononucleosis. Mica may also be used to help relieve conditions of dehydration.

Relationships: Mica diminishes nervous energy, calms an overthinking mind while positively enhancing intellectual pursuits and mental situations.

Size: 58mm x 45mm x 40mm
Weight: Approx. 70 grams

Quantity: 1pc

The right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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