Hematite with Rutile - Mineral Specimen

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Mined from: Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil 

Description: Hematite is a powerful grounding stone that helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Hematite helps with practical and logical thinking. Hematite has the ability to pull out deep-rooted trauma. Hematite is a useful stone for anybody with iron deficiency. 
Rutile carries very high vibrational energies and is very powerful. Rutile is known to enhance psychic abilities, manifestation, intuition, and astral travel. Rutile replenishes our confidence and restores inner balance. Rutile enhances fertility, eases symptoms of bronchitis, and helps reinforce veins for better circulation.

Chemical Composition: FeO2

Chakra: Root

Size: 5cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 49g

Quantity: 1pc

With this product, you will get the actual stone in the photograph. We do what we can to buy good quality products and price them honestly. The rocks may differ from the photos, but we hope we do them justice.

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