Lava Stone Bracelet

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Product Title: Lava Stone Bead Bracelet

The porous stone material easily absorbs essential oils and slowly releases the scent throughout the day.

With lava rock diffuser bracelets, the lava rocks are stones of protection and grounding. They help for finding your focus, grounding and returning balance to your life.

What to do: Pick your favorite single oil or blend and add a drop to the porous material then rub it in gently.

How long does it last: It depends on the oil. Cinnamon and minty oils usually last a bit longer, sometimes an entire day, and the citrusy scents have to be refreshed after a few hours. 

Country of Origin: China

Stone Type: Lava Stone (basalt)

CareUse a soft cloth with mild soap and room temperature water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Dimensions: One size fits all

Size of each stone: 8.5mm

Weight: 18g 

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