Mastodon Partial Tooth - Fossil Specimen

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Mined from: Florida, USA

Era: Pleistocene
Geological Age: 30,000 years old

Description: This is a partial tooth from a Mastodon. Mastodons were mammals that lived during the Pleistocene era that were similar to modern-day elephants. Mastodons were shorter and heavier built than elephants today. Their teeth were large, low-crowned, and strongly rooted with prominent ridges separated by deep ridges. They were similar to Wholly mammoths.

Size of 1 piece: 13.5cm x 9cm x 8cm
Weight of 1 piece: 892g

Quantity: 1pc

With this product, you will get the actual stone in the photograph. We do what we can to buy good quality products and price them honestly. The rocks may differ from the photos, but we hope we do them justice.

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