Model A Drive Shaft - Thumler Part

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This is the original supply part from the original manufacture (OEM) meant for the Model A Thumler Rock Tumbler. Comes with pulley.

The Model A is an older tumbler no longer in production that used paint cans as its barrels rather then modern purpose built barrels. This drive shaft only works with the Model A Tumbler - It is not compatible with modern tumblers such as the model AR-2, AR-12, or T2.

To replace, simply lift out the other, and replace this one. The exchange takes 30 seconds.

Made In: Washington, USA

Wheel Diameter: 9.25cm
Shaft Diameter: 8mm
Shaft Length: 30cm

Weight: 165g

Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber

Quantity: 1 Drive shaft with all parts on it that your original drive shaft had.

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