Peach/Pink Calcite - Mineral

Quality: Standard
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Mined from: Mexico

Description: Peach calcite is just one of the many different variation of calcite. Peach Calcite has it's own unique properties. For example it's a protective, purifying, grounding and centering stone and can help bring inner peace. It increases creativity, imagination and prosperity. Peach calcite is a stone that can reduce emotional anxiety and gloomy thoughts by gently transmitting its loving vibrations to you.  
Peach calcite can help restore mental and emotional balance. Using peach calcite during meditation can provide insight into many causes of depression and other negative moods, allowing a person to regain control of their life. 

Chemical CompositionCaCO₃

ChakraRoot, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Approximate Size of 1 Piece: 3cm x 3cm x 0.5cm
Approximate Weight of 1 Piece: 10g

Quantity: 1pc

We do our best to buy quality products- although not every rock is the same. If you choose to purchase the "staff pick option", we will select the best of the batch for you. Otherwise, it will be at random from the larger batch we have in stock.

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