Petoskey Stone - Rough

Price per: Gram
Sale price$0.12 CAD


Origin: Michigan, USA

Description: Two million year old glaciers ripped through the Petoskey stone deposits and spread them throughout Michigan. They can be found in gravel pits and along beaches there if you're lucky. Petoskey stone deposits are fossilized Rugose Coral.

Chemical Composition: Si02

Grade: Lapidary Grade
Appearance: Opaque
Inclusions: The surface will often have some waste due to pitting. Some areas have great patterns, others do not. Usually 80% is aesthetic pattern.

Cost per Gram: $0.10
Size approximately 1 pc: 8cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm
Weight approximately 1 pc: 195g

Rough is rough. We do our best to grade and describe pieces in the lot, but ultimately, they all differ.

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