Petrified Wood Bowl

Size: Small
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Product Title: Petrified Wood Bowl (Genteng Formation)

Species: Tropical Hardwood

OriginJava, Indonesia

Era: Miocene

Geographic Age: 23.03 to 5.333 million years ago

Fossil stone bowls are my favorite because they are practical. They are durable- agatized/ jasper. The stone material is hard, which means you can put keys, coins or really whatever you want in them.
The bowls are aesthetic because they are cross sections of logs, and full rounds, which means the outer fossilized bark remains.

: To clean them, use a basic hand soap and warm water.

Small Size Approximately: 15cm x 11cm 4cm
Weight: 1kg
Medium Size Approximately: 20cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 1.3kg

Large Size Approximately: 30cm x 27cm x 5.5cm
Weight: 4.8kg

The right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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