Rhodonite Stars

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Origin: Peru

Chakra: Heart

Made of: Manganese ore

Care: Wash with soapy warm water while using a soft cloth then rinse thoroughly and with a soft cloth. 

Health: Clears away emotional scares and wounds from the past, then it supports and nurtures love. 

Relationships: Rhodonite brings peace, forgiveness while guiding you towards acceptance and unconditional love towards others.

Success: Helping to ground your energy, rhodonite will aid you in reaching your highest potential. 

Size approximately: 46mm x 44mm x 9mm
Weight: 13g

Rhodonite is a manganese ore. It was wild, the very first time I mined it! I was in the British Columbia Mountains and you'd never know it was there. The surface of the rock had oxidized black. As I walked through, the landscape was just black rock, green bushes and moss. BUT… with one hard hit of my rock hammer… a millimetre of oxidization on the surface would break off and low and behold… I was literally standing on a "pink mountain”.

Of course it was only a small area and less than a football field was pink, but the realization was mind blowing!

This is Peruvian rhodonite, however I told you this story so that you may understand that the black portions are oxidized areas of the stone.

You will get to pick the size and the right stone will intuitively be selected for you.

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