Rubber Abrasive Point - Sanding Burr - 5pcs

Grit: Rough (Black) - Extra Coarse
Sale price$10.00 CAD


Description: These rubber abrasive points are always a pros and cons thing for me. They work wonders at sanding and smoothing touch to reach areas of stone, such as corner sections of divots, undercuts, etc. They ever smooth out ball burr marks within seconds... however the con, is that they wear down fast.
Because of the price it almost costs 1 bit just to work a small section fast... so you have to weigh the value of your time against your other sanding and smoothing methods.

All round, a very good burr to have in your arsenal and I rely on them often.

Made In: China

Head Size: 2.5mm graduating to 4mm tapered. 
Shaft Diameter: 2.33mm
Overall Length: 26.5mm
Weight of 1 pc: 1g

Material: Rubber carrier with abrasive on steel point

Quantity: 5 Piece

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