Schiller Sunstone - B Grade - Facet

Price per: Carat
Stone Shape: Round
Sale price$150.00 CAD


Location Mined: Plush, Oregon, USA
Location Cut: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Cut by Rubble Rock and Gem

DescriptionThese schiller Sunstone facet cut gems come in traditional shapes. The schiller effect is caused by tiny copper platelets within the stone that reflect light in a way that gives the stone an internal metallic/ shimmery appearance. They have a great luster and a strong hardness for setting corners.

These B Grade Facet Sunstones have a good amount of schiller, but search our A grade for the best.

Sunstone has an inspiring and joyful energy that helps heighten your intuition and brings good fortune. Sunstone increases confidence and self-worth by clearing away feelings of discrimination, failure, and abandonment. Sunstone regulates the nervous system, relieves stomach ulcers, general aches, and depression affected by the colder months.
These facets come in various traditional shapes.

Due to the fact that we have over 50 000 loose gemstones in store that all differ, we have chosen not to post every individual stone. What you see here is a sample from the larger batch. Please shop in store, or schedule a phone/ video appointment with us.

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