Top Com - UV Flashlight

Battery: UV Light w/o Battery (Requires AAA)
Sale price$95.00 CAD


Made In: China

DescriptionTop Com UV LED Flashlights use a focused beam. The reflector focuses the UV output to an intense, but smooth "spot" with a range of 10 meters or more for finding specimens up close or quite far away. The intensity of the beam is strong enough to cause fluorescence in materials that do not fluoresce very well under the normal UV A tubes used in standard UV lamp fixtures.
Product Details: 

365nm ultraviolet LED
1750mA current
Works with 3 AAA Batteries or One rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Compact, Portable, Easy storage
Waterproof against accidental water immersion
Includes lanyard

Diameter: 30mm
Overall Length: 155mm
Weight: 102g

Quantity: 1 Flashlight. DO NOT through away plastic tube, it is used for a lithium battery.

Link to Lithium battery and Charger

Battery and Charging Information: The WTC Handheld UV Flashlight will operate with three (3) AAA batteries using the included holder. The light will also operate on a single 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. Lithium batteries offer the longest runtime. The flashlight provides up to an hour of use on a charge.

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