Tree Bark BC Agate - Pendant

Stone Color: Yellow
Sale price$140.00 USD


Description: When I Rockhound, there are sites in the mountains I find Sitka spruce. Their bark is amazing. I look for pieces that have beautiful form, and bring them back to my studio where I cast them and prep them for stone setting. These ones have a Red Alder Twig soldered to the reverse so as to suspend a chain. I put the plaster mold, and my organic master copy in a kiln, burning the whole canister out at close to 1200 Fahrenheit.

The heat spontaneously combusts the organic materials and vaporizes any remains. I then remove the plaster mold from the kiln with tongues and use centrifugal force to move molten metal into the cavity where the wood used to be. Once everything cools down, I tear apart the plaster mold and withdraw my metal master copy.

Designed in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Year of Release: 2023

Stone Type: British Columbia Agate (The BC Agates Differ in size and internal design. Some have fortification (banding) where as other do not. Please be aware that the stones are not all identical like many of our other pieces).
Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 3.8cm x 2.6cm x 0.8cm
Weight: 8g

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