Tumble Stone - Necklace

Size: Small
Quality: Standard
Sale price$15.00 CAD


Description: These pendants are made with aesthetic tumbles. In shop, we mass produce about 100lbs of tumbles per month and pick the most unique stones, which also have the correct shape, and make them into jewelry. We drill them and tie hemp cord into them. 
The hemp cord can be worn in the shower, and this will help straighten it out and get the spool twists out. Also, the tie is done so that the cord is re-sizeable- to any size. Just pull on the knots, and the slip knots will move.

Designed in: Vancouver, BC
Designer: Broken Ox Creations
Country of Manufacture: Canada

Stone Type: Assorted Agates and Jaspers
Cord Type: Organic fair trade hemp

Small (Including Hemp Cord)
Approximate Weight of 1 piece
: 2.5g
Approximate Dimensions of stone: 3cm x 1.5cm x 0.2cm

Large (Including Hemp Cord)
Approximate Weight of 1 piece
: 9.5g
Approximate Dimensions of stone: 4.5cm x 2cm x 0.6cm

Quantity: 1 piece (Hemp cord included)

WARRANTY: All jewelry pieces sold by Broken Ox Creations are covered for 60 days. If the stone falls out, or a solder joint fails, send it back to us and we will cover the repair and return shipping (both ways) free of charge. However, if the jewelry piece is assessed and the act that has caused the requirement for repair proves to be negligence on the customers behalf, repair and return shipping will be quoted to the customer.

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